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Me and my @dapperman714 partying it up this weekend 😉 (SO in love with him!)! Haven’t captured a good pic of my hair yet, @tdubbbb91 ! But I am LOVING the shorter hair - it’s SO much fun - you’re a hair genius 😘

From the moment I met you, I knew you were my partner for life. You truly captivated my heart, and supported my soul like I never knew possible. Today, 8/14/2014 marks 7 years; and with 7 being our lucky number, this marks a huge year for us…and it’s definitely lived up to it’s reputation 😆 Your first full day being a US Citizen, enjoying the fruits of our labor with our many businesses and projects, and taking a moment to enjoy the empire and lifestyle only you and I have created. Thank you for being all that you are, my baby. My love for you will burn even after we leave this earth. I love you with all of my heart. Xo 😙

That is the bright, beaming smile of a #USCitizen!!!!! Congrats @dapperman714!! This road has been a long and crazy one, but one of so many opportunities, one of great sacrifice, and so much dedication! You now pledge allegiance to the greatest country on earth!🎉👍🏆

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